We are Marking Caritas Day in Kenya on 8th September 2019.

We are marking Caritas Day in Kenya on 8th September 2019!!!

The Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops set aside “Caritas Day” to be celebrated every year on the 1st Sunday of September.

The day closely coincides with the International Day of Charity, a day which honors the contribution of Mother Teresa and encourages more people to engage in charity work. The 1st week of September is observed as ‘’Caritas Week’’ with build-up activities all culminating to the marking of Caritas Day in each Diocese.

The 2019 Caritas Day will be marked and celebrated on Sunday 8th September. Our theme for this year is ‘‘Caritas – Giving hope in solidarity with the people in need and caring for the Earth, our common home.’’

During this day, we are called to witness God’s Love through sharing what God has given to us with the vulnerable groups in our communities…