Bringing Agenda 2030 to Life




Kenya Sustainable Development Report.

This participatory research project was led by UCL and CAFOD, in partnership with the National Commission for Justice, Peace and Caritas Liberia (NCJPC), Caritas Kenya, Caritas Sierra Leone, and Caritas Zambia. In Kenya, the research was conducted in Samburu, Nairobi, Nakuru and Marsabit Counties,

Agenda 2030 (which includes the Sustainable Development Goals – SDGs) includes transformational shifts for how actors approach sustainable development.  These include leaving no-one behind, protecting the environment, deepening participation and tackling inequality.

Environmental Clean up exercise at Makupa road in Mombasa County.

These correspond closely with key aspects of Catholic Social Teaching: preferential option for the poor, care for our common home and people as artisans of their own destiny – all emphasised in Laudato Si’. It brings together the cry of the poor and the cry of the earth.

Read the full research report here…Kenya_Bringing_A2030_to_Life_web